What we offer


Does your body move properly, and do your exercise choices promote good health?

We offer a foundational course consisting of six classes. Learn how breathing techniques paired with gentle movements have powerful results and leave you feeling energized.While lying on floor mats (or optionally sitting in a chair), you will be guided to discover tensions, joint and tissue restrictions, methods to address them, as well as information about your anatomy. Beneficial for everyone, from those with mobility limitations to those who participate in demanding exercise.

Contact us for further details.

Cost: $150

At-home Practice CD: $25


Is your ‘exposome’ harming you?

We offer strategies for making your ‘exposome’ friendlier. Our basic workbook, What’s Helping You Rise? What’s Holding You Down? by Diane Dawber gives many suggestions for making the home air environment cleaner, ranging from the simplest and cheapest to the most difficult and expensive. Contact us to order.

Cost: $15


Do you know if, or what, nutrients might help you?

We offer Nutrient Scent Testing, utilizing our innovative Health Pursuits Nutrient Scent Test Kit.

Learn how the test kit can assist you to investigate your body’s nutrient requirements, and how to incorporate those nutrients into your diet and/or your supplement choices. Provides both a way to monitor yourself, and great information to take to your practitioner. Contact us to arrange testing.

Cost: $75 per person (approximately 90 minute test)

Introductory Scent Test Parties (for a minimum of 5 people) can be scheduled to demonstrate the use of the kit; $20 per person. That amount can count toward a full assessment if completed that day.

Retests: $40 within 6 months of original test.

We also offer a 4-part course on Your Unique Nutritional Requirements. This includes an introduction to our assessment tool, an initial assessment (1.5 hrs), and three follow-up sessions to teach how to monitor changes.

Cost: $180.


Do you know how your food choices may be affecting your health?

We offer a course consisting of four sessions of cooking instruction with our chef. Each session ends with a delicious meal. Learn how to create your own simplified rotation eating plan tailored to your individual preferences, food sensitivities, and allergies. Based on A New Spin on the Rotation Diet, by Diane Dawber.

Contact us for further details or to order the book.

Course: $140

Book: $25


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