A New Spin on the Rotation Diet by Diane Dawber

This book gives detailed suggestions on how to structure a rotational eating plan. This is a time-honoured strategy for lowering inflammation, identifying food sensitivities, preventing the development of new food allergies/sensitivities, and improving immunity. Our twist is to simplify the plan for individualized lifestyle use. This book will help you find out what works for you.

What’s Helping You Rise? What’s Holding You Down? by Diane Dawber

Our basic workbook identifies what helps us rise above illness, and what drags us down into it. It guides the reader through tracking stressful life events, injuries, surgeries, and illnesses to discover clues to individual cognitive, biomechanical, and biochemical stressors. The book includes many practical suggestions for improving posture, movement, water quality, exercise response, air quality, and nutritional status.


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