We are individuals, with large variations in genetic make-up, digestive efficiency, cultural heritage, daily energy output, and stressors.  Therefore, what each of us needs in an optimal diet is somewhat individual. Our main goal should be to eat food that contains what we need to be our best.

The enemies in our diet, then, are foods or habits that contribute nothing or add unnecessary stressors. Some of these are:

  • White flour and white sugar, which add calories but not much else.
  • Processed foods (i.e., ones that do not look like the original plants or animals), since they are reduced in vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. Furthermore, they increase stress in the body through imbalanced protein/carbohydrate/fat ratios, added chemicals, distorted fats (hydrogenated or trans fats), imbalanced sodium levels, and inappropriate portion sizes.
  • Repetitive use of ingredients, such as eating wheat, milk, eggs, beef, tomato, peppers, or potato every day. Following a rotation diet can reduce inflammation, while minimizing the development of food sensitivities and allergies.

Rotation Diet

What has helped us most is a rotational eating plan, because it individualizes. This is a time-honoured strategy for lowering inflammation, identifying food sensitivities, preventing the development of new food allergies/sensitivities, and improving immunity. Our twist is to simplify it for lifestyle use.  After one member was on the rotation for only six weeks, her surgeon told her she no longer needed bowel surgery.

Our book, A New Spin on the Rotation Diet, gives detailed suggestions on how to structure this kind of eating plan.


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