Spring Sensitivity Alert

We are all so glad to have spring arrive this year, but some become discouraged when they feel worse.

  1. You may have noticed all the snow mold as the snow melted away. Some people react badly to that.
  2. Pussywillows and other things begin to bloom. Hence there will be pollen in the air again.
  3. Damp basement? Mold again. Be sure and dry it out thoroughly. If in doubt, use an air purifier that includes an ultraviolet light to kill mold spores.
  4. Concomitant sensitivities mean that you can be okay with two foods/pollens/molds/chemicals but when you are exposed to them at the same time, you have a reaction. My sister’s horse was an example. He was okay with hay (grasses) and alfalfa (legume) separately but when he had them together, he had an asthma attack. Spring concomitants include birch pollen with stone fruits such as cherries, peaches, apricots, and plums. You should be okay with frozen versions of the fruits because then the enzymes are killed. (For a larger list of concomitant allergies see Healing the Planet One Patient at a Time by J. Krop. For seasonal pollen reports, check on-line. (E.g. today it is reporting low elm, aspen and boxelder concentrations)
  5. The rotation diet all year may help to reduce seasonal reactions. It also makes us aware of, for instance, foods related to plants in the wild (e.g. lettuce and ragweed, poison ivy and cashews).
  6. Be alert to the possibilities of Round-Up (glyphosate) exposure in stores, on gardens, or on fields where GMO crops such as soybeans and corn may be planted. Just because it may be on store shelves does not mean you won’t react to it. Last month we handed out a study showing the effects of glyphosate on digestion (celiac disease), metal chelation, liver processing, and mood.
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