Kelp Help

The third nutrient we always check is iodine, which we have in our test kit in the form of Kelpasan.

We have a favourite story about the iodine supplement. A medical journalist did our test and found she was deficient in iodine. We told her about the connection to thyroid function. She went to her MD and had her thyroid hormones checked. The results came back low. Next, she supplemented her diet with kelp flakes in soup, salad, sandwiches, etc. When her iodine level using our test improved, she had her thyroid hormones checked once more. This time the results came back in the normal range. As a side benefit, her depression lifted.

This is when her husband, a respected medical professional, took notice and asked her what she did. He grilled us about the test kit and was satisfied that it probably works. Indeed, he said that we should like to do a study comparing the test kit results with blood work results. Of course, we don’t have any money for that, being totally volunteer and largely unfunded except out of our own pockets. Too bad; we could probably help many more if we could.

Our second favourite story about the iodine supplement is a about a young girl. She had suffered from brittle hair, dry skin, low energy, temperature disregulation, etc. for about 2 years, despite seeing a number of medical professionals. Although the symptoms seem obvious now, who would suspect a 12-year-old of thyroid problems. She tested deficient in iodine according to our test kit. What a clue! Her mother and I experienced a eureka moment. Off they went to find appropriate help. Still makes me glad we have this tool.

Of course, having a clue and solving the problem are not the same thing. There may be other factors such as low manganese or heavy metals or some other problem complicating the issue like overstressed adrenals.

People in our group have tried various strategies from the old paint-the-iodine-on-your-arm strategy to the kelp flakes to Chinese herbs to the latest oral iodine drops from Body Bio 9 or Genestra.

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