Making the Rotation Diet Work

A rotational eating plan has been strategic for lowering inflammation, identifying food sensitivities, preventing new food allergies and sensitivities from developing, and improving immunity. Are you overwhelmed by the thought of trying it? This course in Kingston, Ontario is your opportunity to learn how to plan and cook so the diet works for you and your family.

Part 1: Tuesday, October 1, 6:30-8:00 pm  Start the Rotation at Dinner

No more asking what’s for supper.  The question becomes how can you make a particular list of ingredients as yummy as possible?  Principles of the rotation diet will be explained.  In this and each of 3 following sessions, biological families of foods are introduced, prepped and cooked in a variety of ways to appeal to your family’s palate.  Rotating proteins comes most naturally so today’s focus is dinners, made from three different protein families and three different vegetable families from Loblaws’ cornucopia.  Tonight’s menu features beef, fish and turkey. $30 + HST

Part 2: Tuesday, October 8, 6:30-8:00pm Cook Once, Eat Twice – Lunch

By cooking a more limited list of ingredients each day, you will become expert at preparing those foods in a variety of ways.  Cook once; eat twice, saves time and money.  Today’s session features lunch choices, including salads and soups utilizing leftovers from the food families explored on Day One as well as new ingredients.  How to ease into rotation food plans will be discussed. Tonight’s menu features salmon chowder, lamb sausage soup, and salads to go with them.  $30 + HST

Part 3: Tuesday, October 15, 6:30-8:00 pm Non-traditional Breakfasts for the Rotation

Alternating the foods you eat in a four or five-day rotation gives your body a chance to clear out proteins that may be causing inflammation or sensitivities. Breakfast is usually the most non-traditional meal when it comes to the rotation. Today’s session features an assortment of breakfast choices, all prepared in different ways to suit your family’s lifestyle.  Easy ways to build a rotation including different needs of family members will be covered. The menu features pork patties, quinoa muffins and yucca hashbrowns. $30 + HST

Part 4: Tuesday, October 22, 6:30-8:00 pm Celebrations on the Rotation or Specialized Diet

Making life simpler takes a bit of planning in the beginning.  When you have a rotation diet established, food shopping and cooking become quicker and easier.  Orphaned food doesn’t go to waste in the refrigerator. Today we will focus on celebration meals –Of course you can do a potluck or a birthday party – and still be sensitive to the needs of those on specialized diets and your own rotation.  Health Pursuits members who are experienced in rotating their diets will be available to help participants build their own rotation if desired.  Computerized file available.  The menu features interesting fruits and dips, cherry sorbet, banana chocolate ‘ice cream’ and cakes.  $30 +HST

Sign up for the entire series or each class individually.  Register over the phone (613-530-2068) or in Store at Customer Service (using VISA or Mastercard ) at Loblaws, Princess Street Market, or email

For more information call 613-389-0909, or email .

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