Allergy Season Survival

Allergy season is upon us. Here are some allergy coping tips from Health Pursuits members:

  • Keep windows closed to prevent pollens and moulds from entering your indoor air.
  • Watch out for related allergies.  Ragweed is in the composite family so lettuces may be less digestible at this time.
  • Your total load may increase with fresh corn and tomatoes in the diet if they cause some inflammation for you.
  • Quercetin often helps with inhalant allergies. It’s a powerful antioxidant.
  • Sulfur may help with allergies.  We have some members experimenting with MSM (methysulphonalmethane) in oral form for allergy symptoms, as well as cream form for skin or joint symptoms.  We think that MSM works in the scent test.  Other indicators would be the other sulfur-containing compounds such as methionine and glutathione in the amino acid category as well as glucosamine sulphate and SAMe.  Let us know if you try these and have some sort of result to share.
  • Magnesium sulphate (Epsom salts) comes in a food grade which some members have tried by dissolving in water.  It tastes brutal but may be more effective than other forms, especially if you have trouble processing sulphites.
  • Remember the strategy for a big exposure: Alternate vitamin C and Alka Seltzer Gold (or baking soda) every hour until symptoms diminish.
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